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Update On Our Campaign

Thanks to your incredible generosity, almost every single instrument has been adopted in just two weeks! Even more astounding: donations to the general repair fund put us at more than twice the amount needed to repair every instrument! The kids are ecstatic; their central role in our successful campaign has helped them see their value as creative thinkers, collaborative learners, and community members. Their experience has the potential to create lifelong engaged citizens who will benefit our community for years to come.

You may contribute to the Murray Music Department for future repairs and improvements by donating to the Murray PTO.
The Murray PTO (formerly known as Galtier PTO) supports Murray Middle School, and is a nonprofit public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

What's Next?

All donations will go where they were intended: toward providing school instruments for Murray musicians to play and ensuring those instruments are in good repair. The Murray music program will retain all Adopt an Instrument donations in a "Repair and Replace" fund, applied to maintenance of our existing instruments or, if the instrument is beyond repair, to enable us to replace it with a new one.

Media Coverage about the Adopt an Instrument Campaign

Adopt-an instrument drive is music to students’ ears, Star Tribune (4/29/23)

St. Paul School’s ‘Adopt An Instrument’ website raises thousands for repairs, KARE 11 (4/28/23)

Who We Are

Murray Middle School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, enrolls 565 students, 69% of them BIPOC, and 64% of whom qualify for free and reduced lunch. Murray's vibrant, rapidly-growing music program offers the well-documented benefits of arts programs: improving social, emotional, and academic outcomes for kids at a pivotal time in their lives. During the 2022-2023 school year, the vast majority of music students, including 95% of Beginning Band/orchestra students, used school-owned instruments.

565 Students, 69% BIPOC, 64% free/reduced lunch.
95% of Beginning Band students use school-owned instruments.

Our Challenge

Murray currently has 85 school-owned instruments in need of repairs, ranging from $23 to $640.25, with an average cost of $155.49.

85 broken instruments, repair cost ranging from $23 to $640 each.

What You Can Do

Support our Murray musicians, one awesome story at a time! Our students have given names and stories to our instruments in the hope that you will fall in love with and adopt them for repair. Choose an instrument to adopt on your own, team up with family or friends or community groups, or get us started with a partial donation. Put Steven the Oboe, Corbyn the Clarinet, and Grenda the String Bass into the hands of Murray students! The money goes directly to the music store (Cadenza Music), where they are located, waiting for the repairs.

Murray is very grateful to Cadenza Music, a cornerstone of the Twin Cities music scene, for its gracious partnership in this project. Cadenza provided repair evaluations and estimates, is storing our instruments, will complete the repairs, and has provided our unique payment link that makes this project possible. If you are in the Twin Cities, consider ways to support this community-minded local business!